Cement your relationship as trusted advisor

Tackle that legacy application!

Every MSP knows what it’s like to have a key client whose entire business is dependent on an unstable legacy application - It’s a nightmare to support!

As the trusted advisor, how do you address this?

Be it an overworked MS Access Database or a custom application developed by a guy who no longer works there; we know how challenging and frustrating this can be to support. It can also hold back hardware upgrades and may even be a security risk for the network.

Without having expertise in software development, addressing these legacy applications can be a challenge. At Action Point, we specialize in custom software development. We work with you to solve that legacy application problem and help you to retain your relationship as trusted advisor.

No more nightmares!

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How it works

  • 1 You identify a client who needs custom software development.
  • 2 We work with you to understand the problem.
  • 3 We agree the terms of engagement with you.
  • 4 We can work on your behalf, or we can work directly with the client – you choose.
  • 5 We treat your client as if they were our own.
  • 6 We never compete with you. We will never refer your clients to another MSP.
  • 7 We provide your client with the custom solution they require.
  • 8 You look like the hero – No more nightmares!

Why Partner

Expand your

Move sales

customers for life

Eliminate support

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We needed a competent software partner who could solve a recurring issue for our client, without compromising the relationship we had. Action Point understood the importance of this, immediately got to grips with the problem and solved it quickly.

Mark Smith, Advanced Business Innovations Inc.
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