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You know smart software is fundamental to keeping your organization agile, lean and competitive. But it can be hard to keep up with the latest innovations, to understand how they can support your operation, making it challenging for you to steer the right course.

That’s where we help; our purpose and our total focus is to be the best possible technology partner we can be to organizations who need custom software solutions. A genuine, capable partner who can make a real difference. We are here to make sure you steer the best possible course and get the greatest possible return from your investment in software.

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What's your challenge?

Need to breathe new life into your legacy system? Or re-define a business process? Maybe you want to free your team from mundane tasks or delight your customers with a great experience. We can help you use technology to gain a competitive edge. Lean on our experience and capabilities. Let us power your innovation and progress.

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Building robust mobile Apps

We specialize in planning and building Apps that have significant backend requirements. We help our clients roll out new App based services and business processes. We’re experienced in delivering Apps which use cloud services when online but yet maintain full functionality when there is little or no connectivity.

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Developing your new software based services

We can help you bring your new software based service to market. We’ll help make your vision a reality, advising on the ideal technology approaches and building all that you need. We have deep expertise in bringing services to market via cloud and App solutions.

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Smoothly migrating from legacy systems

Are you struggling with an old, unstable, unsupported legacy system? For example is an old MS Access based system holding you back? We are experts in helping organizations smoothly migrate from old to new.

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Let systems and software do your work

We analyse how you do what you do and identify which business processes can be automated. We design and implement software systems to automate your work. We can help automate data entry, movement, manipulation, sharing and storage. For example, we completed a Business Process Automation (BPA) project for a large toll road operator which successfully automated the processing and delivery of tens of thousands of letters per week.

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Intelligent, flexible, scalable database management solutions

Are you grappling with an unwieldy database? We’ll tame it and make it answer to your every command. We are experts at developing applications that make it easier to manage large, complex databases. We helped a sports supervisory organization whip 100,000 records into shape; now their data is more accurate, more accessible and more secure.

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We help manufacturers embed Internet intelligence and join the Internet of Things

We have completed a wide variety of projects that have added the smarts and systems that bring internet intelligence and communications to previously ‘disconnected’ devices. We are experts at engaging with embedded hardware developers and implementing cloud solutions that work in their language. We helped add the “Internet of Things” type functionality to smoke alarms so they can let owners or building managers know that that their battery level is low. We helped add the smarts to domestic oil tanks that let the owner and distributor know when it’s time for a new delivery.

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Custom, innovative software solutions – however left field your requirement

Do you need something totally unique? Great! We love a challenge. Our team have the depth, passion, creativity and expertise to take on the most challenging requirements. Regardless of the level of innovation we’ll ensure the best-practice engineering principles are always adhered to; we help steer a path that minimises your risks and maximises your return.

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Great tools in great hands

As you would expect, the mix of tools and technologies we use evolves to keep pace with the latest approaches and our clients’ needs. A constant is our wonderful team of developers who craft clean, solid, scalable, intelligent code using the best tools available.

At our core we’re a Microsoft and mobile technologies team. In our toolbox today you’ll find:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Development Environment; Microsoft Gold Certified Application Developers
  • ASP.Net/ MVC/ C#/ CSS3/ HTML5/ JQuery/ REST for web/Cloud applications
  • Java/Android Developer Studio for Android mobile development
  • Objective-C/Xcode for Apple mobile development
  • SQL Server Express (growing to Enterprise) for databases
  • Ruby on Rails/RavenDB/Amazon’s EC2,S3 and many more

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